Detailed video on the creation of "VENOM"

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Storyboard Demos

Storyboard Video Demos from various episodes of Legends of Tomorrow season 3 side-by-side with final footage, by Bulent Hasan.

TIES THAT BIND Storyboards

Side-by-side comparison for the series "Ties That Bind" by Bulent Hasan

Tylenol #HowWeFamily Ad

with director Dustin Lance Black for the advertising campaign #HowWeFamily side-by-side comparison video.

Comcast Xfinity "Tear Away" Campaign

Created for the christmas season  campaign, side-by-side comparison video.

Bulent Hasan Storyboard Demo 2013

Side-By-Side comparison showcasing the various TV movies I storyboarded for the SyFy network, by Bulent Hasan