Paul Ziller, Director

"Bulent is the most enthusiastic, talented and collaborative storyboard artists I've ever had the pleasure of working with!"  

Jeffery Lando, Director

 "Bulent is the real deal:  a passionate movie geek.  He pumped out great boards like nobody's business." 

Gilles LaPlante, Producer

"Bulent has consistently provided a solid work ethic as well as turn in high quality art in record time".

W.D. Hogan, Director

"Bulent took my scattered ideas and rough sketches and made them come to life.  His creativity and input on shot selection, VFX and lens choices were invaluable.  He's a great collaborator."  

Jason C. Bourque, Writer/Director

 "Bulent is more than just a great storyboard artist; he's a great story teller. The collaboration process on FX heavy sequences always surpasses my expectations"