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In 1995 the Vancouver Film School received an eager young artist attending night courses in screenwriting and art direction, and later joining the full time film foundation program. This is where a young 19 year old Bulent Hasan was literally a kid in a candy store, learning about film making techniques on a 16mm Arriflex camera, exactly the way his filmmaking heroes did.

After spending years working on multiple projects from short films to live events, directing, editing and doing motion graphics, he returned to his first love of art when he was recruited to storyboard a tv film for Hallmark in 2008. From there it continued on to over a dozen TV films for Hallmark, SYFY and many other networks internationally.

Now on his 12th year of professionally storyboarding, Bulent has boarded over 6 dozen projects including episodes of “Legends of Tomorrow” , “Project Blue Book”, "Nancy Drew" and most recently "Resident Alien". Feature films include "Flora & Ulysses" and "Noelle" for Disney+ and many more for other streaming platforms for Netflix, Hulu and AppleTV+. Storyboards for advertising campaigns for Tylenol, Comcast, Lennox, Farm Bureau and most recently Orangetheory. 

In-between shows he has lectured for SFU Surrey Campus at the School for Interactive Arts and Technology program at Simon Fraser University and currently an instructor for Communication Drawing (storyboards) at CG Masters School of 3D animation and VFX.

Currently Bulent is working on his first Graphic novel "Black Project" as well as developing other exciting new screenplays and intellectual properties.


"IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS PAPER!" and lots of it! Starting with binders full of storyboard templates photocopied, over 2 dozen films for the SyFy channel were done that way.  A few attempts were made with an iPad2 with a Bamboo Stylus by Wacom in early 2010. Drawing digitally was fun but the software wasn't robust enough and the iPad couldn't export as a final product properly. Now, after years of waiting for the technology to catch up, after software and pressure sensitivity increasing on the glass, we are completely digital!

Currently all storyboarding is done on an iPadPro with the ApplePencil. Using apps like Procreate and Sketchbook Pro have made a mobile art studio more versatile for storyboarding, as well as the robust software allowing for immediate PDF export have made this storyboard artist faster and better at his job. Also its a lot of fun using these new tools to our advantage. 

Over 2000 panels have been drawn digitally since early 2016 now.