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From creating a home made "Tomb Raider" preview crafted on a home PC earning over 40 thousand downloads in a weekend (before Youtube ever existed), and then selling that preview to Paramount Pictures, becoming the first person to successfully sell a 'concept preview' to a studio. Bulent's experience as a editor, concept designer and storyboard artist has given him a well rounded range of storytelling that has been proven vital to any production. 

After receiving  support from the Yukon Film Commission, he went onto write, direct and edit his own short film “CHILL”, filmed on location in the Yukon Territories. He then went on to discover more aspects of digital media by working events and promo videos for various projects around Vancouver. 

With this background it only added to his experience as a multi-media designer for large corporate events back with Pacific Show Productions in which his work was seen projected live in front of thousands of clients. After live events and editing many documentaries, he moved on from the keyboard and went to his first love, art.

Now having storyboarded over 3 dozen projects including TV films for SyFy Channel, Hallmark TV and DisneyXD channel, he has  storyboarded ads for companies like Tylenol, Comcast and Electronic Arts . Later on Netflix, Disney & Universal Pictures would become his clients.

Before storyboarding season 3 of the CW show ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ he has contributed boards to the features ‘Killing Gunther’, ‘Devil In The Dark’, ‘William’, ‘Noelle’, as has since worked on the pilots episodes for TV series  like ‘Motherland’ and ‘Project Blue Book’ for History Channel. 

In-between shows he was brought on as a Guest Lecturer for SFU Surrey Campus and lectured the students at the School for Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) program at Simon Fraser Universtiy for Pre-visualization and Production planning.

Currently, when storyboards aren't on his table, Bulent is working on his first Graphic Novel "Black Project" under the his new Publication name, "Crazy Pencil Comics". "Black Project" is also co-written by colleague & friend Josh Whittall.


"IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS PAPER!" and lots of it! Starting with binders full of storyboard templates photocopied, over 2 dozen films for the SyFy channel were done that way.  A few attempts were made with an iPad2 with a Bamboo Stylus by Wacom in early 2010. Drawing digitally was fun but the software wasn't robust enough and the iPad couldn't export as a final product properly. Now, after years of waiting for the technology to catch up, after software and pressure sensitivity increasing on the glass, we are completely digital!

Currently all storyboarding is done on an iPadPro with the ApplePencil. Using apps like Procreate and Sketchbook Pro have made a mobile art studio more versatile for storyboarding, as well as the robust software allowing for immediate PDF export have made this storyboard artist faster and better at his job. Also its a lot of fun using these new tools to our advantage. 

Over 2000 panels have been drawn digitally since early 2016 now.